The Gift We Deliver, The Gift We Receive

A Christmas Message from CFOI President, Johnson Thomas

IMG_6361December brings with it a big question: What do I give? Our inner heart says, “be a good giver.” A good giver plans and prepares well for the delight of the receiver. We desire to be the best giver, so we linger in our plans to pick the best gifts for our loved ones. It is a joy to spend most of the Advent season in this mindset. But we must also want to be the best receiver and prepare ourselves to receive the gift of love from God and others. 

As we CFO’ers are continually Learning to Live, Love, we strive for the balance of both giving and receiving.

I believe that the gifts of God are many thousands of times greater than I am now capable of receiving, and that I should therefore pray to increase my capacity both to receive and to give, for my power to receive is as great as my power to give, and my power to give as to receive. Gifts of God always bring peace, contentment and joy… from The Divine Plan, by Glenn Clark

The question, ‘what do I give?’ can be answered by our loving God if we open our hearts to receive what God has for us. God’s plans are revealed in the wonders of creation. Look around and receive all the Lord has provided that you may in turn give.

God has instilled in us the very nature of both giving and receiving. Both are equally important and these great acts of kindness and humility bring joyfulness and gratitude. Giving and receiving are acts for eternity.

The Angels proclaimed the “good news of great joy” (Luke 2:10), the news of the best gift that God is with us “Emmanuel”! Let us rededicate ourselves this Christmas season to receiving the great gift of Christ’s presence that we may be a blessing to others. As we come together with family and friends, may we have the courage to step out and extend our circle to those we do not know and who have not experienced the love, joy and peace of Christ’s presence.

In the gift we deliver, in the gift we receive,
Is the living spirit Mary did conceive.
The royal gift of love, incandescent flame
Is given to humankind in God’s name.

Joy, joy, it is our true delight,
To give and receive on this wondrous night.
A boy child to Mary is born,
And His light will shine on beyond the dawn.

 – Bob Chilcott

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Thy Kingdom Come! Let there be peace!

Johnson Thomas, CFOI President

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