Founder | Glenn Clark

CFO FounderBorn in Des Moines, Iowa, and a graduate of Grinnell College, Glenn Clark was a man who believed with all of his heart and mind in the power of prayer to change humanity, first from within individual hearts, souls and minds, and then through a gathering of ‘athletes of the spirit’ all over the world forming a ‘belt of prayer’ around the globe. This Kingdom of God movement continues Glenn’s devotion to helping others live theirs lives more fully and creatively in the eternal Here and Now, and is known as The Camp Farthest Out or The CFO.

Glenn was a college English professor and an athletic coach. His spiritual roots were nurtured in the Presbyterian church. Glenn was a pray-er of vast prayers and a dreamer of vast dreams; prayers and dreams that came true. In a chance meeting with a fellow train passenger, Glenn heard the story of a miraculous transformation from greed to service under God’s guidance. It was then Glenn Clark started on his amazing life journey of helping mankind spiritually as a teacher, author and lecturer.

Glenn was a spiritual seeker with a rich, exploratory inner life. When one of his students approached him with questions about prayer, it triggered the writing of what would be his most influential book. The Soul’s Sincere Desire, began as an article for the Atlantic Monthly. It was so well received that Glenn was asked to expand the article into a book. Other titles from Glenn Clark include I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes, Two or Three Gathered Together, and God’s Reach.

In 1942 he resigned from his position at Macalester College to give all of his time to helping others discover this integration of body, mind and spirit in God. He traveled around the world and worked to establish The CFO in many countries. The details of this journey are recorded in his book, On Wings of Prayer. In 1956 he resigned his position as Director of The Camps Farthest Out, and just two months later, crossed over into the heavenly realm and still larger service. Before his passing, Glenn worked with members of the Camps in organizing the Association of Camps Farthest Out and wrote Our Bond of Faiththe guiding philosophy of The CFO.