About Us


Out of a great desire for world peace and spiritual harmony…

Dr. Glenn Clark dreamt of a place where Christians from all walks of life could come together to pray, and experience the Kingdom of God, here and now. His dream began in the United States. In 1954, Dr. Clark, accompanied by Roland and Marcia Brown, made a world tour establishing prayer centers and retreats that use the CFO Daily Program to train “Athletes of the Spirit” and promote world peace. 

Camps Farthest Out International is based on the knowledge and the belief that…

Society is a living WHOLE, and must become conscious of this wholeness and integrate as a Whole, or it will never be at rest. Moreover, this consciousness and this integration must come from within or it will rot and die…
The purpose of the Camp Farthest Out is to create an atmosphere and lay the foundations for experiencing that wholeness that all seek. Here we combine the tools of science, art, and religion to get a more clear understanding of this wholeness… and to do this in an effective, creative, irresistible way.

CFOI is a prayer movement that is open to all who desire to take Jesus at His word and live in the Kingdom of God, here and now.

CFOI calls for a whole new outlook, a whole new lifestyle, a whole new way of prayer.

Your hope…should be great and dynamic, not little wishy-washy half-glimmers of optimism.
Your love…should be outgoing tidal waves that are clean and pure and not little personal attachments from which you withdraw when [there is] a false step.
And your faith in your Heavenly Creator must be so complete that it will move mountains.
Guided by Our Bond of Faith, the CFOI Board will support the growth of prayer groups, CFOI camps, and other projects around the world by providing training, resources, and co-ordination to the Regions.