West Africa

President | Johnson Thomas

Johnson Thomas

Shivalik CHS Ltd., Flat No. B-202 – Off Military Road, Marol Andheri E.
Mumbai 400 059 INDIA

Cell Phone: +91-9594229991, Landline: +91-022-2920-5505


West Africa Camp Schedule

2015 Date Name of Camp Location
January 3-4 Children’s CFO Camp Etim Ekpo, Nigeria
January 3-5 Hebron Youth CFO Camp Unity School, Etim Ekpo, Nigeria
January 15-17 Wenneles CFO Camp Cape Coast, Ghana
February 14-16 Fruitful CFO Camp Uyo, Nigeria
February 14-16 Gabon CFO Camp Libreville, Gabon
February 22-24 Owerri CFO Camp Owerri, Nigeria
March 3-5 Royal Outreach CFO Camp
March 19-21 Evidence CFO Camp Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria
April 8-10 Moyok CFO Camp Cameroon
April 10-12 Rescue Gate CFO Camp Esit Euef, Nigeria
April 16-18 Bamenda CFO Camp Cameroon
May 23-25 Etinam Hills CFO Camp Council Hall, Etinam, Nigeria
June 2-4 Lagos Children’s CFO Camp Lagos, Nigeria
June 2-6 West Africa Regional CFO Training Full Gospel House, Abak, Nigeria
June 13-15 Nsit Atai CFO Camp Nsit Atai, Nigeria
July 7-9 Olivet CFO Camp Ikot Ekpene, Nigeria
July 24-26 Rumargro CFO Camp
July 24-27 Covenant CFO Camp Covenant Rumigbo, Nigeria
August 10-12 Edo CFO Camp Edor, Nigeria
August 16-18 Uyo Main CFO Camp Uyo Nigeria
August 22-24 Unity CFO Camp Ukamafun, Nigeria
August 28-29 Precious CFO Camp Uyo, Nigeria
August 29-31 West Africa Regional CFO Youth Camp
August 3-5 Nigeria National Council Ring Unity Hall, Ika, Nigeria
August 6-8 Abak Rain Forest CFO Camp Primary School, Abak, Nigeria
August 8-10 Abak Children’s CFO Camp Abak, Nigeria
September 10-12 By His Grace CFO Camp Ikot Etim, Nigeria
September 20-22 Greek Town Youth CFO Camp Greek Town, Nigeria
September 22-24 Hebron CFO Camp Etim Ekpo, Nigeria
September 24-25 Hilltop CFO Camp Greek Town, Nigeria
September 24-26 Ikot Abeai CFO Camp
October 3-5 Zion CFO Camp Ikot Ebok, Nigeria
October 4-6 His Love CFO Camp Unity Hall, Ika, Nigeria
October 18-20 Arochurwu Long CFO Camp Estate Hall, Arochukwa, Nigeria
October 18-20 Bonny Islands CFO Camp Eshiet Hall, Obang, Nigeria
November 15-16 Children’s CFO Camp Greek Town, Nigeria
November 21-23 Calabar CFO Camp Calabar, Nigeria
December 19-21 Lagos Mainland CFO Camp Lagos, Nigeria
December 5-7 West Africa NCR Training Hebron Camp, Etim Ekpo, Nigeria




Camp Schedule

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