East Africa


East Africa Camp Schedule 



2015 Date Name of Camp Location
February Kakamega CFO Retreat Lurhambi, Kakamega, Kenya
March Kakamega CFO Camp Lurhambi, Kakamega, Kenya
March 18th Butsotso CFO Retreat Butsotso, Kenya
March 19-21 Mzuzu CFO Camp Mzuzu, Malawi
March 3rd Voi CFO Retreat Voi, Kenya
April 1-4 Lugazi CFO Camp Lugazi Town, Uganda
April 22-25 Butsotso CFO Camp Butsotso, Kenya
April 25th Mumias CFO Retreat Mumias, Kenya
May 16-18 Mwanza CFO Camp Mwanza, Tanzania
May 20-23 Pallisa CFO Camp Pallisa, Uganda
May 25th Mayingo CFO Retreat Mayingo, Kenya
June Uganda National Council Ring Kiyunga, Uganda
June 24-27 Gulu CFO Camp Gulu, Uganda
June 3-6 Kiyunga CFO Camp Kiyunga, Uganda
July 20-25 Kenya National Council Ring Kakamega, Kenya
July 23-25 Mabilabo CFO Camp Mabilabo, Malawi
August 12-15 Mayingo CFO Camp Mayingo, Kenya
August 12-15 Mbale CFO Camp Mbale, Uganda
August 27-29 Savane CFO Camp Savane, Kenya
September 2-5 Kakira CFO Camp Kakira, Uganda
September 23-26 Iganga CFO Camp Iganga, Uganda
October 16th Nairobi CFO Retreat Korogoco, Nairobi, Kenya
October 21-14 Adjuman CFO Camp Arinyapi, Uganda
October 8-10 Rumphi CFO Camp Rumphi, Malawi
November 17-20 Nairobi CFO Camp Korogoco, Nairobi, Kenya
November 18-21 Kayunga CFO Camp Kayunga, Uganda
November 18-21 Luwero CFO Camp Luwero Town, Uganda
November 23-28 Butere CFO Camp Shisaba, Kenya
November 25-28 Malawi National Camp Malawi
November 25-29 Voi CFO Camp Voi, Kenya
December 9-12 Mumias CFO Camp Mumias, Kenya





Camp Schedule

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