Planning for 11th International Camp: What It Takes

Sue Fairley, Organizing Team Chair, talks about the ‘nuts and bolts’ of planning for 11th International Camp

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Sue Fairley

Anyone who serves on the council ring of a local CFO camp understands the amount of prayer, planning and preparation that goes into creating an intentional space where the Holy Spirit can work. Planning for an international CFO camp presents many wonderful challenges on top of those we are familiar with. Prayer, planning, and preparation begin, not months, but years in advance.

The first wonderful challenge is signing a contract with the accommodation provider. In some countries this only happens one year out from the actual camp. This is the case in the Philippines. So let’s hold that contract up in prayer!

There are many issues related to visas, money exchange, travel arrangements, and different cultural practices which require much attention to detail. The actual daily program for an international camp is the same as a local camp but we try to ensure that every one of our eight regions are able to participate in the camp leadership roles. This means a lot of communication takes place between the Program Coordinator and the eight Regional Vice President’s.

Then there is the beautiful variety of languages. There is a great need for translators! While translating certainly lengthens each activity, it is well worth it as we wish to celebrate our diversity, allow everyone to participate, and experience the infinite variety of the people of God.

Another wonderful challenge is finance. There are many CFO’ers who live in developing countries and we want to make sure they are able to attend camp. The only way this can happen is if we are able to raise money through our campership fund to assist as many people as possible. One of the most wonderful things CFO’ers can do is to give to the campership fund. Whether or not you are able to attend this international camp you might like to give a gift to ensure someone from a developing nation is able to attend. It will cost $267 for a person from a developing country to attend 11th International Camp. On top of that will be their travel costs. Please pray and be as generous as you can.

The CFOI Board was able to meet at the Marco Hotel in Cagayan de Oro this past May. We blessed the grounds and facility, we worked out where each part of the daily program will be held, we explored some of the possible places where tours can happen, and in our planning we embraced the camp theme, Together on the Way – One in Christ. It was a productive and fruitful time.

If you view the video on our website, you will see just how excited the Filipino CFO’ers are about the opportunity of hosting 11th International Camp in May 2017. I hope you can feel the excitement as well. We on the CFOI Board and the Organizing Team certainly do!

If you are praying about attending 11th International please click here to view a brochure on our website.

If you are praying about supporting our campership fund, please click here to donate on our website, or send a designated check to CFO International, P.O. Box 4394, Peabody, MA 01961

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