50th Anniversary in Adelaide

  Colleen Dale was the Speaker at the 2011 Adelaide Camp in Australia.  Marcia Brown was the Speaker at the 1961 Adelaide Camp, and Colleen was there as a first-time camper.  Colleen is now involved in the Melbourne CFO Camp, and has stayed all these years because of the unconditional love she has experienced, and… Read more »

Tongan CFO in Aukland

Rev. Makisi  had a dream of inviting Secretaries of Evangelism in the Methodist Church in Aukland to attend a CFO camp.  The result was a camp with 80% first-time campers in Aukland, New Zealand.  Gweneth and Colin Ray and Colleen Dale joined them from Australia and experienced an inspiring camp.  The CFO program was done… Read more »

100th Birthday

We have received word that Jessie Banno, the founder of CFOI in Japan, remained safe through the  earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  Thank you for your prayers for the people of Japan!  Jessie will turn 100 in June, and we celebrate God’s gift of Jessie.    

CFO Connections

Roland Brown, the son of original CFOI travelers Roland and Marcia Brown, is making connections with  people from India who speak the Tamil language in Florida, USA.  Copies of   I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes, translated into Tamil, are being provided to people in Florida who can now connect with CFO in their home… Read more »

Meet Your Fear!

“Go out and meet the thing you are afraid of – not with fear, but with love, and it will become your ally and not your foe.” – Glenn Clark, The Thought Farthest Out  

Meant to Help Me

“I believe in sending out a prayer to the Father to draw to me those who are meant to help me and be helped by me in order to express my life together with them.”                                        … Read more »

Rebirth of Jaffna Camp in Sri Lanka

Looking at a map of Sri Lanka, you’ll find Jaffna on a peninsula in the very north.  Glenn Clark celebrated his 72nd birthday there in 1954, when the country was called Ceylon.  Glenn Clark calls that first camp “One of the best we’ve had.”  (On Wings of Prayer, p. 138).  Some school girls who sang… Read more »

President’s Letter – June 2011

June 2011   Dear Friends, Thank you for your generosity in response to my last letter.  Your CFOI Board of Trustees has just finished meeting in Tennessee, and we are grateful for good fellowship, wonderful prayer times and business well attended.  Many ideas are being exchanged and developed for training, resource building and continued reaching… Read more »

CFOI President’s Letter – March

Dear CFOI Friends, Thank you so much for your generous gifts since the last letter. I am thrilled to see the response we had. It is through your gifts that many exciting things are happening around the world. Have you ever watched the news or read the newspapers and felt overwhelmed by the enormity of… Read more »

You are given certain possibilities…

“You are given certain possibilities and certain limitations. The art of living for you is to determine how you can create a masterpiece by actually utilizing your limitations, and by using to the fullest extent the talents God has given you.” –Glenn Clark, God’s Reach

Love is the power that draws…

“Love is the power that draws all things into perfectly adjusted and harmonious relationship with everything else.” –Glenn Clark, Be Thou Made Whole

East Africa Training Camp

East Africa Regional Training Camp | December 8-11, 2010 Eleven CFOers from four countries in East Africa ‐‐ Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi ‐‐ came together to pray and listen and encourage one another in building the Belt of Prayer around the world. Plans are in place for a new prayer group to be started… Read more »

West Africa Regional Training Camp

West Africa is a new CFOI Region, and Ofonime Nkoko, Regional Vice President, writes, “The people of West Africa are grateful to God Almighty for a successful Regional Training Camp.” He says the success will be felt for years to come. The meeting was held at Agona Kwanyako High School in Ghana, and travel there… Read more »

Happy New Year from Africa

I pray that the Joy of the Lord be yours throughout this year and beyond in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. Have a wonderful time with Jesus this year. Happy New Year. Yours in the Lord, Ofonime Nkoko