Going Farther Out in Leadership

  Going farther out is just what some CFOers did on May 24th. The North American Team that learned together at Training of Trainers in Peru last year had a chance to share for a day with about 30 people at the ACFO Annual Meeting in Irvine, California. Team members shared about Meditation, Singing, Speaking,… Read more »

Pray for our Trainers

This week the North America Region Training Team will participate in CFO training at ACFO’s Annual Meeting, in conjunction with the Council of Leaders. Please pray for good sessions that contribute to stronger, more joyful leadership in CFO Camps in North America. Team members who will lead the sessions on May 24th are: Lana Runyan,… Read more »

Fall Down Under – A Word in Season

Last week I wrote about Spring Plans, and the ways your CFOI gifts are helping people get together this Summer in Fiji, and extending the reach of CFOI the world over. Well, that was very North American of me! It’s Fall below the equator, and the Board meeting and South Pacific Regional Camp at the… Read more »

Spring Plans!

Here is our  Spring Plans letter for you.  There are training sessions going on in several places around the world this spring, and of course plans are progressing for meetings in Fiji this summer.  You can see how gifts are being used to promote the growth of God’s kingdom on earth through CFOI, spreading peace and… Read more »

2013 Edition – CFO Worldwide

Have you ever wondered where in the world a CFO camp is going on right now?  There are several ways to find out quickly, and this is one of them.  CFO Worldwide is a joint effort of ACFO (Association of Camps Farthest Out), CFOI (Camps Farthest Out International) and UPT (United Prayer Tower) that has… Read more »

Time to register for Fiji!

Fiji Brochure Here Did you click on it? Now you have the registration form for the CFOI South Pacific Regional Camp coming this summer, with some CFO training beforehand, and a chance to relax in beautiful, friendly Fiji. You probably don’t even need a visa (please confirm this for your own country).  God’s presence is… Read more »

Grab your phone – Mark your calendar

Our next Refresher Call is coming February 25th. Here’s a message from Tanya Cothran, who will lead the call: Rhythms, or Devotion in Motion, as it is called around the world, is one the parts of camp that most sticks with me in the “in-between” months when I’m not lucky enough to be at camp…. Read more »

Did you see the movie?

We are excited to share the latest video showing the people and the experience of CFOI. We’ve had shorter versions of this, “Have you experienced love…Go further” but now there is wonderful new content, including interviews of campers from around the world, and lots of footage from the 10th International Camp in Peru last summer…. Read more »

Next Refresher Call Coming!

Here’s a summary of our Refresher Call on Meditation from October. We are trying to demystify Refresher Calls, and make you comfortable with the format. We hope that you join the next one, coming January 14th☺ Lana Runyan (of Koronis CFO in Minnesota) was the call leader and she started exactly on time. People joined… Read more »

Thanks for Dinner!

Old friends and new friends met for dinner last Saturday night in Southern California to learn about the Belt of Prayer around the world and grow the CFOI family. We enjoyed a video with fresh footage from Peru, and an inspiring talk about God’s technology (better than cell phones!) by Len Marinello. We sang together… Read more »

Refresher Session Coming Your Way

Ever since our CFOI meetings in Lima, Peru, the North America Region team has been talking about ways to share CFO principles, dreams and encouragement with you. We are now offering Refresher Sessions by free conference call, and you are invited to join:) Lana Runyan, a valued CFO leader, will guide the first call.  Lana… Read more »

Welcome to CFO!

At our recent Training of Trainers in Peru, each Trainer practiced leading various parts of our daily CFO program. Along with Meditation sessions and Devotion in Motion plans, each one wrote an Orientation talk to introduce people to Camps Farthest Out. Here is a fine example of a talk given by Tanya Cothran, a North… Read more »

Masterpiece Available

By permission of Macalaster Park Publishing, we have now posted The Soul’s Sincere Desire, Glenn Clark’s first book on prayer. If you haven’t read it, please click on the link and get started. It will change your prayer life. If you have wanted to share it with friends but not give up your copy, here… Read more »

Save the Date!

In the excitement of getting ready for Peru, it’s time to think ahead to our 2nd Annual CFOI Dinner on November 17th. Please save the date if you will be in the Southern California area and meet us at Knott’s Berry Farm. If you’re out of the area, please pray about sponsoring a table. We… Read more »

Hope is Built on Harmony

Here is an article from Colin Ray, past CFOI President and Chair of CFOI 10th International Camp: As I read Glenn Clark that is what I see – “If God can take our little visions, which two or three give to Him in the spirit of harmony and love, and bring fulfilment greater than any… Read more »

CFO International and Spirit in Action

I hope you all had a Happy Mother’s Day! CFO International is a mother to a daughter organization, Spirit in Action. Read on to learn more! This post is from Tanya Cothran, Adminsitrator of SIA and Board Member of CFOI. Tanya shares: “As hard as I try, it’s hard to keep the ‘further out’ feeling… Read more »

Draw the World Singing and Crowding

As CFOI comes close to our 10th International Camp, we are working with concrete details, as well as our faith-filled dreams for the gathering. Campership money generously donated is now being sent around the world. We are using our reserve fund to bring Regional Vice Presidents to the meetings. CFOI is trusting God to sustain… Read more »

CFO Worldwide Magazine

I’d like to link you up to CFO Worldwide for a stronger connection with CFO camps. Along with information and articles, there is a list of camps around the world, organized by dates. Have a look, and see who is meeting now, and consider praying the 9:00 prayer with a CFO at 9:00 in their… Read more »

Living Prayers

Living Prayers: I recently asked CFO leaders how camps help us to become living prayers, world changers and peacemakers. I’d like to share some of the responses and invite you to comment with your own thoughts on this. Our February issue of the  Newsletter celebrates the 75th anniversary of the incorporation of Foundations Farthest Out,… Read more »

Colour My World

South America always seems to me to be a place of vibrant colours…bright reds, bright yellows, bright greens! The people that I have met from that part of the world have always coloured my world. I may not always understand what they have said to me, but I have known through their word, “Amigo” ,… Read more »