Ukraine Still Needs Our Prayers

CFOI Regional Vice President for Europe is keeping in close contact with CFO leaders in Ukraine. She is planning a visit later this year, and continued CFO training is planned, even though a camp will not be held this summer because of the volatile situation there. But there is hope for peace coming. Here is… Read more »

April Newsletter is Here

Dear Partners in the Belt of Prayer, Here is the  CFOI April Newsletter, just a click away.  We hope that you will celebrate God’s work with us and join us in prayer for the concerns shared here.  Then maybe you will write a comment so we can all be more connected. If the link doesn’t… Read more »

Eloise English Goes Home

Eloise English was a CFOI Board member, and perhaps a friend to you.  She went home to eternity last month, and her memorial service will be on her 94th birthday, April 1st. Here are some words about Eloise, shared by Tanya Cothran, a current CFOI Board member: “I only met Eloise a few times in… Read more »

March 24th World Prayer Broadcast Refresher

Don’t forget to call in! Join us for a Refresher Phone Call where we’ll learn again the purposes of the World Prayer Broadcast in our camps and in the world. What makes it work? How can we do better? Share or just listen. You’ll be glad you came. Refresher Call Topic:           World… Read more »

What happens when we’re filled? We burst!

The World Prayer Broadcast Refresher Call is coming up in just one week.  The details are below, as well as Tanya’s introduction – to get you inspired. Let’s pray for God’s world together! Refresher Call Topic:           World Prayer Broadcast When:           March 24, 2014 – 6:00 PDT, 9:00 EDT… Read more »

CFO Worldwide Magazine

Here is a link to CFO Worldwide, a publication of three CFO organizations together.   LINK TO CFO WORLDWIDE MAGAZINE 2014  We hope you will read and enjoy it, and use it for a prayer guide. Any time of the year you can see which CFO camps, retreats and meetings are coming up, and join them… Read more »

Refresher Call – World Prayer Broadcast

You know that feeling you get by the end of the camp week? That feeling of powerful prayer all around and inside us? A feeling that things will get better, and actually are better, because of the prayer that has happened all week? Each day of the camp week these feelings build and build until… Read more »

Remembering Colin Ray

  For those of us who could not attend Colin Ray’s Memorial Service in Australia, here is the cover of the program.  The background is a photograph of his hospital room wall, covered with drawings from his many visitors. Colin kept things colorful! Below is part of the sharing of Sue Fairley, CFOI President, at… Read more »

Is it Monday yet?

If you’re reading this on Monday, it’s time to set your timer to make a phone call tonight.  You won’t want to miss this Singing Refresher Call. Here’s how it works: January 13th – 6 pm PST/7 pm MST/8 pm CST/9 pm EST Dial (209) 255-1000 – code 976397# (normal call rates apply) When you… Read more »

Next Refresher Call – January 13th- Come Sing With Us!

Bryan Holland, gifted Singing Leader and member of the CFOI Board and Training Committee, will lead our next Refresher Phone Call. Here’s how it works: Pray about joining this call – it’s for everybody! Mark your calendar for January 13th – 6 pm PST/9 pm EST Dial (209) 255-1000 – code 976397#  (normal call rates apply)… Read more »

Last Message of 2013!

Here’s a note from Sue Fairley, CFOI President: Dear CFO International Family, We are celebrating again God’s incredible generosity in sending His only begotten Son to earth to show us the face and character of God. He opened the way for us to live in the kingdom now. We are the ones who are privileged… Read more »

Around the World in 2013

As you celebrate the coming of Christmas, celebrate God’s Kingdom with CFOI in 2013.  Here are some CFOI family photos and updates for you.  Pray with us for peace and more love in this season. December 2013 Newsletter

No Criticism – No Apologies

“NO CRITICISM – NO APOLOGIES!” That is a statement we make at Camp in Brisbane, Australia. We usually insert it at the point of possible sharing of Creatives, with words such as, “In Camp we have a ‘rule’ – No Criticism – No Apologies. That means as you share your creative picture, your poem, or… Read more »

Tanzania Training Success and Bigger Dreams

On a tight budget but with great commitment, 23 people completed a CFOI Training program in Mwanza, Tanzania last week.  Trainers came from Uganda (Ruth Mutesi) and Kenya (Richard Chemwa) to facilitate the sessions.  Regional Vice President Erastus Omukhango also traveled far to be present and help train. Comments included a stated desire to have… Read more »

Can you come?

Did you get your invitation to God’s Globe on November 16th? It’s our 3rd annual CFOI Dinner at Knott’s, and we would love to have you there. If you are anywhere near Southern California, please come and bring a friend. If you are too far away to actually come eat with us and hear Robin… Read more »

Please remind the world…

Poland:  You have prayed for the training and preparation for the first Poland CFO, and now the actual camp is coming! I was asked today to remind the world to pray for this new camp in Lodz, Poland, from 29 August to 1 September.  Please pray for the new Council Ring and the leaders who… Read more »

First CFOI Training in Poland

Here’s the team that participated in the first Poland CFO International Training. The first Poland CFO camp is planned for the end of August. Pray for the leaders and the campers, that they will discover deep fellowship and prayer together, be empowered by God, and go out ready to bless their part of the world…. Read more »

Going Farther Out in Leadership

  Going farther out is just what some CFOers did on May 24th. The North American Team that learned together at Training of Trainers in Peru last year had a chance to share for a day with about 30 people at the ACFO Annual Meeting in Irvine, California. Team members shared about Meditation, Singing, Speaking,… Read more »

Pray for our Trainers

This week the North America Region Training Team will participate in CFO training at ACFO’s Annual Meeting, in conjunction with the Council of Leaders. Please pray for good sessions that contribute to stronger, more joyful leadership in CFO Camps in North America. Team members who will lead the sessions on May 24th are: Lana Runyan,… Read more »