Your Support of CFO International

Did you know that CFO International’s efforts and outreach are made possible solely by the donations of CFO’ers around the globe? Your Holy Spirit-guided giving makes everything CFOI does possible. We pray, we ask, and then we let go and let God provide. We love what CFOI Board Member, David Dobra, has to say about giving…… Read more »

A Season of Prayer in Action: A Call to Prayer

Dear CFO’ers around the globe, Blessings upon blessings to you all! And a hearty CFO welcome to our most recent newsletter subscribers! We are glad you are here to join us in prayer. Consider yourself hugged! Please help this movement spread by LIKING us on Facebook. (For those who have been following our 11th International… Read more »

11th International Camp: Part 2

Cagayan de Oro is known as the city of Golden friendship! Golden Friendship; that’s CFO, isn’t it? We all know the feeling when we arrive at The CFO. The warm embrace into the accepting love of Christ as lived and shown by God’s people. Welcome home!!! Here are the 11th International accounts of two CFOers from… Read more »

11th International Camp: Golden Friendship

From Wednesday, May 3 thru Friday, May 12, 2017, the biggest CFO event of the year took place. The 11TH INTERNATIONAL CAMP along with the CFOI BOARD MEETING and CFOI TRAINING drew just under two-hundred people from various parts of the world to Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. Many, many more supported this event with prayers… Read more »

What Was, Is, by Judy Beeman

  Judy Beeman, CFOer from up state New York, USA, shares some thoughts on Glenn Clark, The Bond of Faith, and The Camps Farthest Out. This is Part One in a series of reflections on The Bond of Faith, the guiding document of the CFO written by Glenn Clark in 1956. What is CFO? I… Read more »

A Little Is A Lot: 11th International Camperships by Amber Kenison

Amber Kenison, CFOer from Massachusetts, talks about her experience in CFO and her passion for the belt of prayer around the globe Hello CFO Family! My name is Amber Kenison, and I have attended Winni CFO at Geneva Point Center in New Hampshire for my whole life. When I was a baby, the whole camp… Read more »

CFO Camp News: Eldoret CFO, by Samuel Teimuge

Happy New Year! This edition of CFO Camp news features the blessings of Eldoret CFO, located in western Kenya. CFO’er, Samuel Teimuge shares: This year’s Eldoret camp, held in late November 2016, was one of the best. But that is true every year. It has been said that the only camps are your first camp… Read more »

Peace On Earth! A Year-End World Prayer Broadcast, by Dana Belmonte

When you have thrown the wrong things out and have found the right center within, you will find peace. Peace is merely the sign of the perfect harmonizing of the outer with the inner, the sign that the door is wide open within you for the strong outflowing of power… Prayer does not create miracles,… Read more »

Now Let Us… Let! Our Letting Lets Us Give

The Camps Farthest Out… “It is a place where people learn how to pray and practice the presence of God, and go home prepared to apply it in every avenue of life; business, home, politics, recreation, hospitals, and above all our churches.” – Glenn Clark “It lives and still grows as a seed in awakened… Read more »

Praying and Dreaming in Ukraine, by Erika Oosterkamp

Over two years ago, Ukraine held its first CFO Camp. CFOers around the world have been praying for CFOers in Ukraine ever since. Would a camp happen there again? God is faithful! and CFOer Erika Oosterkamp has graciously written to tell us of her recent experience at Ukraine CFO. On November 11 – 13, 2016,… Read more »

CFO Training in Australia, by Sue Fairley

We in CFO are fond of saying that The Camps Farthest Out is an organism, not an organization. This is true, and if the word ‘organism’ gives you a little trouble, just replace it with the word ‘movement.’ The Camps Farthest Out is a movement, “A Kingdom of God movement” as Glenn Clark liked to… Read more »

Planning for 11th International Camp: What It Takes

Sue Fairley, Organizing Team Chair, talks about the ‘nuts and bolts’ of planning for 11th International Camp Anyone who serves on the council ring of a local CFO camp understands the amount of prayer, planning and preparation that goes into creating an intentional space where the Holy Spirit can work. Planning for an international CFO… Read more »

Making All Things New

Greetings CFOI Friends, It’s been a whirlwind ten days of transition. Becky and I have packed boxes, sorted files, and discussed procedures. But the most important thing we’ve done is prayed for CFOI and for all of you. Becky has done so much for CFOI over the past five years and I, along with all… Read more »

Georgia to Iganga

David and Martha Dobra, CFOers from Georgia, USA, became friends with Charles Kunya and Ruth Mutesi from CFO in Uganda, when they were all in Peru for the CFOI 10th International Camp in 2012.  These American and Ugandan families have been corresponding ever since, and last summer David was able to visit Uganda and attend Iganga CFO… Read more »