News From the South Pacific Region, by Dennis Doust, Regional Vice President


South Pacific Folks 2016

South Pacific CFOers

Dear CFO International Family,

“All over the world the Spirit is moving…” and across Australia and the South Pacific, CFO is alive and well. What a privilege over the past months to be blessed by a greater fullness of life in Christ Jesus through the vibrancy of the Camp Farthest Out community.  As Taliai, the Tongan chairperson says; “not coming to a CFO camp is like missing out on heaven”.

News from New Zealand Frank and Gwen Rigg continue to give thanks for the impact that CFO has had on their own and their children’s lives.  The Rigg’s hearts still resonates with the life of Christ, as experienced in CFO.  Anyone interested in furthering the cause of CFO in New Zealand please contact Frank and Gwenn.

News from Fiji We thank Monica for the wonderful hospitality and on-going encouragement to all CFOers. What a joy it was to share the growing of Christ’s Holy Spirit in our lives with other Council Ring members and other CFOers. It was encouraging to hear of the Council Ring’s relationship with some local child care institutions.  The Coral Coast Christian Camp remains available as an excellent location for CFO gatherings.

News from Tonga It is indeed exciting to see the work of the Holy Spirit in Tonga, a thriving Kingdom. King Tupou VI and his Queen are filled with the Holy Spirit and honor Jesus and his lordship in a public manner. Through them hope and wholeness are brought to the Kingdom; a hope and wholeness not so obvious in many nations. Hence, the CFO camp for 2016 was a wonderfully free expression of freedom and love as Jesus taught. The camp for 2017 will be held on July 7-9.  Anyone interested in attending please contact myself or Loni Akolo –  There is also the possibility of training before the camp.  Beni Lalahi’s leadership was a great blessing at our Australian National Camp in July.

News from Papua New Guinea Our love and prayers continue to be with PNG CFO’ers as they faithfully give thanks to God for the blessings of the Holy Spirit in the midst of loss and trial.  At this time we are praying with them for God’s peace and unity to touch their nation afresh.  May the Lord’s refining, restoring Holy Spirit mold the lives of the people there. It was an inspiration to have Eileen Tabua with us at the Aussie National Camp in Brisbane. I look forward to meeting more of the faithful PNG CFOers.

Australia – National Council Ring Life and ministry at the Brisbane Camp reflected the theme; “Alive in Christ”. Rather than one key speaker, the various speakers in their own unique and vulnerable ways blessed campers with a testimony of struggle and victory in Christ Jesus. Five years of national leadership by Martin, Tarryn, Sue and Noella were recognized with thanksgiving. Similarly Julie Price and Sue Fairley’s prayerful acceptance of incoming chair and secretary roles was very warmly received. A most successful two days of camp plus a time of training was conducted. We thank God for the lives and ministry of Gweneth Ray, Brian Jefferies and Frank Beadle, long time “elders” and “angels”. Their faithful witness and ministry has helped provide a solid foundation for CFO and CFOers.

Melbourne continues to hold two camps per year; The family camp (held earlier in the year) and Pallotti Retreat being held from 27-30 September. Guest speaker will be Rev. Robb Carter from Yarra Valley Vineyard Fellowship. It is a beautiful, peaceful location to have a time away. Enquiries to Jan Thwaites – After many years of Ring involvement, Colleen has taken a rest. Her wisdom and love will continue to be a force in the Melbourne Ring most certainly.

Adelaide, Albany and Sydney  Across the South Pacific we carry you in our prayers. “Lord show us, open the doors – may we be obedient as we see and hear”.  Julie Price (Australian National Chairperson, and I would love to hear from any person whom feels God is giving a lead for CFO in these locations.

***CFOI 11th International Camp – Cagayan de Oro, Philippines : 2017***

The theme is “TOGETHER ON THE WAY – ONE IN CHRIST” and preparations for the 11th International Camp are in process and moving along nicely. Information is below for all those who would like to attend.


11 International Camp at Cagayan De Oro, Marco Hotel, May 7-12, 2017,

brochure available at

Registrar: Charlie Grassl


800 Wind Brooke

Arlington, TX 76001-7507



If you cannot attend we would greatly appreciate a donation is any amount to our campership fund. We want to make this experience available to as many as possible. Donations can be made at with a credit card or checks can be sent to…


CFO International

PO Box 4394

Peabody, MA 01961



Blessings upon Sue, Goel, and Doris as they attend to the many details of the 11th International. We are full of joyous expectancy for what God will do at this gathering!


When praying alone, let go and let God.

When praying with a group, agree together in letting go and letting each other let God.

When praying in Christ’s name, whether alone or in a group, let go and let Christ let God.

Finally… let go and let God do the letting.

 – Glenn Clark, founder of The Camp Farthest Out

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