Making All Things New


Becky Sutherland, Dana Belmonte, Glenn Clark (photo by Charlie Grassl)

Greetings CFOI Friends, It’s been a whirlwind ten days of transition. Becky and I have packed boxes, sorted files, and discussed procedures. But the most important thing we’ve done is prayed for CFOI and for all of you. Becky has done so much for CFOI over the past five years and I, along with all of you, are very thankful for the time she has given to CFOI. I am not Becky’s replacement! No one could replace Becky Sutherland. I am, however, honored and blessed to be her successor and I am looking forward to what the Holy Spirit has in store for CFOI. Please click on the link below to access our latest newsletter and join us in praying for the fast approaching 11th International camp to be held in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. Is the Holy Spirit calling you to attend or perhaps help make it possible for someone else to attend? Cagayan de Oro translates “river of gold.” Let’s open our hearts to God’s abundance as we prepare for this special time of Kingdom Living. Peace and Blessings, Dana Belmonte

September 2015 Newsletter


Tanya Cothran

Welcome, Dana! We’re glad to have you here! Rivers of Gold certainly does sound like a lovely place to practice Kingdom Living. Blessings on the next steps of your journey – Dana and Becky. Love, Tanya

Phyllis Anderson

Blessings to you both and you begin your next journey. God’s along side of you all the way and will bring new insights and hope among His people.
I also sent you a new email. CFO hugs for you both, Phyllis Anderson (Oregon)


Indeed Becky was a Blessing for CFO. Blessings lives forever, I am sure Becky will continue to live for CFO. May our Good Lord Jesus Christ be with her even as she steps in for a higher cause.
In Christ Love
Johnson n Mary
Sharon n Nissi

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