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Season of Prayer 2017 A call to prayer for all CFOers. This small prayer guide provides a reflection for each day of the week.

CFO Worldwide Magazine and Directory of Camps


Our Bond of Faith

Our Core Beliefs

Silence, Simplicity, Sequence

The Soul’s Sincere Desire, by Glenn Clark (first half)

The Soul’s Sincere Desire, by Glenn Clark (second half)

What Makes CFO Unique

Personal Growth

The Divine Plan

Power in Athletics – a Primer on Spiritual Power

The Thought Farthest Out (Glenn Clark)

You Can Let Go of Tension (1956)

Prayer and Spiritual Growth

A Living Prayer

A Lost Art of Jesus by Glenn Clark

Come, Follow Me by Glenn Clark (1952)

Does God Hear Prayer?

Living Prayer

Sling Shot of David

Silver Sandals by Glenn Clark (1935)
(Chapter 1-6 of “Where Two or Three are Gathered Together”)

The Armour of the Soldier, 15 pages (1942)

The Lord’s Prayer and Other Talks on Prayer

The Minute Man

The Secret to Power in Business (1945)

Windows of Heaven, Meditations

Transforming the World

Islands of Light (online reading)

Islands of Light (for printing) Pt 1 Age of Light

Islands of Light (for printing) Pt 2 Search for Light

Islands of Light (for printing) Pt 3 Social Vision

Islands of Light (for printing) Pt 4 AFTERWORD

A Time of Prayer in Action, 2013 (online reading)

A Time of Prayer in Action, 2013 (print 2-sided for booklet)

A Global Outreach – Overview of CFO Around the World (2008)

A Path to World Peace – by Glenn Clark, edited by J. Anderson

Facing the World with Prayer Groups

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh (Glenn Clark)

Prayer in CFO

The Camps Farthest Out and World Problems

The Holy Spirit

The Land We Vision, by Glenn Clark

The Way of Victory in International Affairs
(Calling for a Department of Peace, 1951)

Toward a World of Peace

Twinning – A Prayer Lever

Training Guidelines

Training Guidelines rev. October 2010 (copyrighted)

Camps, Council Rings, Programs

A Day in CFO – Brochure Introducing Our Daily Program

Council Ring Guide – Information for New Council Ring Members

Helpful Hints for CFO Leaders

Introduction to Prayer Groups

Listening Prayer and Consensus Decision Making

Training Guidelines for Larger Prayer Groups

“Why Mess With It?” by Norman Renshaw

Other Treasures

Collaborating With Eternity by Glenn Clark

Be Thou Made Whole by Glenn Clark

Living Prayer by Glenn Clark PDF

God’s Plan by Glenn Clark PDF

How to Find Health Through Prayer by Glenn Clark

Fishers of Men by Glenn Clark

Power In Athletics by Glenn Clark

The Holy Spirit by Glenn Clark

God’s Reach by Glenn Clark

A Man’s Reach, by Glenn Clark, Chapter 21 The Camp Farthest Out

Glenn Clark- His Life and His Writings, by Miles Clark, Chapter 4 Creative Power at Work II (The Camp Farthest Out)

From Crime to Christ (Glenn Clark’s classic story of Starr Daily)

Wellsprings of Immortality by Starr Daily

Letters by a Modern Mystic by Frank Laubach, 1937
(Used by permission – Bob Laubach)

Portrait of Glenn Clark – Introduction based on an article by Thelma Lee

Standing Firm by Frank B. Whitney

The Beatitudes of the Married Life

The Game with Minutes (Frank Laubach)
(Used by permission – Bob Laubach)

The Three Mysteries of Jesus by Glenn Clark
Part 1 – The Cross
Part 2 – The Blood
Part 3 – The Name

The Voice by the Lake by Glenn Clark

Chapter 1 – “How A Tempest Was Stilled”
Chapter 2 – “Jesus Parable of the Mustard Seed Finds Modern Fulfillment”
Chapter 3 – “Birds Build Nests in its Branches”

Touchdowns For The Lord-The Story of “Dad”, A.J. Elliot

Seed Thoughts by MB

The Essence of CFO Rudy Maravillas Scan