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Dear CFO International Family,

I am writing one week after returning home to California from Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, where your International Board of Trustees just held our annual meeting. We gathered first in Taiwan, and participated in the East Asia Regional Camp in Taipei. Taiwan CFO hosted us beautifully, and international leaders met with the local Council Ring for training and encouragement. We experienced the value of spending time together, getting to know one another, and walking through the rhythm of the CFO day together, with lots of prayer time. And there were some brand new campers!

Sue Fairley, Outgoing President, installing Johnson Thomas as CFOI President

Sue Fairley, Outgoing President, installing Johnson Thomas as CFOI President

After the Regional Camp, we held the actual Board meeting in the Philippines. The Board voted on proposals, and we have amended our by-laws to operate with a smaller Board, since many of our current members are not able to participate at all. We will enter that transition now, praying for better effectiveness and watching for the need for any further amendment. Johnson Thomas was installed as our new President, after the election was held. We thank God for the faithful service of each Board member.

I will be moving out of the Coordinator position this coming fall, and so our Personnel Committee has met and established a procedure for finding and hiring a new Coordinator. You can see the job posting at the bottom of this letter, and we ask you to join us in prayer for finding the right person for this job. I have loved my work with CFOI and will continue as a CFO volunteer, but more of my time is going to be dedicated to family in the near future. Thank you for loving and accepting me for these past five years!

Each time we have an international gathering, I am reminded again how valuable it is to our movement. There is nothing like personal connection with each other to make us more loving, more aware, and better able to pray for each other and support our mutual work around the globe. In the laughter and fun, as well as the struggle with the issues we address, we connect as real brothers and sisters and move forward more strongly. I hope you are looking forward to 11th International Camp in 2017!

Thank you for your support in the past, present and future, as CFOI continues to promote prayer and peace in our world, and help each other walk in God’s kingdom now.

Becky Sutherland

Coordinator, CFO International

“I believe that the whole world about me is full of beauty, joy and power, even as it is full of God, and that I can share it and enjoy it if I attune myself to my Divine Plan and am inwardly open toward God and outwardly helpful toward men.”                                                      – Glenn Clark “The Divine Plan” paragraph 7



Camps Farthest Out International is seeking a committed person as Co-ordinator beginning mid-September 2015. This role is a part-time position working with the Board of Trustees and contributing to the efforts of CFOI around the world. As Co-ordinator you would be responsible for overseeing the work of the central office in relating to the President, Regional Vice Presidents and members from all corners of the world. You must be a self-starter, good initiator, have proven business and accounting skills and demonstrated interpersonal skills. It is important to have well developed computer skills, including the ability to produce newsletters and web content as required.


The Co-ordinator reports directly to the CFOI Board through the Personnel Team, which meets annually with the Co-ordinator at the meeting of the Board. In between meetings of the Board the Executive Team is responsible for oversight. ­­This is a part-time position requiring a 20-hour workweek. The salary package includes health coverage and 2 weeks vacation per year. If you are interested in applying for this position, please email the CFOI office and an information package will be provided. APPLICATIONS CLOSE ON 15th July 2015.

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