2013 Edition – CFO Worldwide

Have you ever wondered where in the world a CFO camp is going on right now?  There are several ways to find out quickly, and this is one of them.  CFO Worldwide is a joint effort of ACFO (Association of Camps Farthest Out), CFOI (Camps Farthest Out International) and UPT (United Prayer Tower) that has articles and photos from camps anywhere in the world.  It also has a schedule, arranged by calendar dates, so that you can look anytime and see where camps or other CFO meetings are being held.  You can also find contact information, so you know who to email if you see an event you would like to attend, or just send an encouraging note.

Here’s where to click to see the magazine:  http://issuu.com/internosmedia/docs/cfoww2013_webfinal/11

You can also look at lists of events by Region:  http://cfointernational.org/

Or click through an actual calendar with the camps listed, including maps of locations:

Let’s get more connected!  Write to a contact person of a camp and make a new friend.  Pray for events as they happen.  Attend a camp you’ve never been to.  And we at CFOI would love to hear about your experience!

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